Wednesday, September 07, 2011


1. Fooling around with my new camera and taking a picture of myself in which I am a) scowling and b) my dad 2. Patchouli 3. A day off in the middle of the week 4. Splitting a yummy breakfast and good conversations with Cadi 5. Having permission granted by a New Englandah to use the word "wicked" 6. Talking on the phone with Krip and laughing and realizing, again, that we aren't just laughing at the current hilarity, but all the years of hilarity all added up and feeling wicked lucky 7. Keeler loving Karate and being awesome at it 8. Being invited to do surprising and random activities with surprising and random people (shout out, Pesce) 9. Marth's hand-me-downs which thrill me to death 10. A new word that describes today's rainy weather: dragamuffin


flourishing olive branches said...

oh yeah that WAS a wicked good breakfast. good thing my gps didn't make me late, cause it was being wicked retahded and sending my cah wherevah it felt like it. rude.
but whatevah. i got theeh and thats what counts.

Anonymous said...

#7 is so happy-making!

And I <3 this dragamuffin weather. It's cozy.


Terri said...

haha, Uncle David is that you??

nova robinson said...

Cadi, I flipping love it.

Krip, what the heck? Why not number 7? Number 7 is about our love. Crap on it, dick hole.

Terri, Right? His exact eyes, am I wrong?

Love ya'all.

Anonymous said...

I SAID #7. Who's the dick hole now? Slammah!