Sunday, September 04, 2011

list of groovy goodness

1. apple and peanut butter
2. discovering half a bar of "honey I washed the kids", best smelling soap on the planet. (thank you very much, Krip.)
3. Fel turning 7 and loving every minute of his day.
4. kids dancing and twirling glow sticks behind the stage at every concert this summer
5. recognizing expectations and letting them go
6. ridiculous amount of cupcakes
7. house full of boys dancing and singing "dynamite"
8. Eagles
9. Fel wearing the tattoo sleeve on his leg and thinking that grown-ups are "falling for it"
10. Wrestling around with two adorable children, joking with Keeler about Fel's police undies and police lips, pretending to be ghosts that say "boooo....bies"


Anonymous said...

He thought adults fell for it? OMG, that is too cute.



nova robinson said...