Sunday, August 09, 2009

good things to think about

1. Saad's Dad
2. baby praying mantises, grey and fuzzy
3. Ray LaMontagne's beard, brown and fuzzy
4. our skeleton bones
5. a circle of people who love you
6. Mr. Roger's and not being afraid to be a fool
7. Keeler's list that sounded like a poem with the lines, "red cars, red shoes"
8. Bodhidharma was a redheaded, blue-eyed barbarian
9. library books that have something left behind, like a postcard of a red squirrel from 1964
10. zinnias
11. the word sesshin
12. the other stars are as big as our sun and so much space in between
13. good heart
14. walking in a cold rocky creek, tall trees, green leaves and sunlight
15. When They Might Be Giants played "She's an Angel" as an encore
16. "don't let your mind stop you from having a good time"
17. Laura's paintings
18. "seeing confusion as the four kayas is unsurpassable shunyata protection"
19. finding the index card on which Eliott drew a pink heart
20. laying on a blanket with Karen at the park
21. Star Girl
22. the air in fall, walking somewhere in town
23. RB giving me a lovely ringtone
24. loving frogs and snails because of Ken
25. Nick Swardson's farting ghost
26. the hilarity of spending 3 months with Krip documented in a travel journal