Friday, April 27, 2007

to know Bug is to love Bug, right?

Upon signing in here, I learned that it is now possible for one to blog in Hindi. cool as a mule, people. Well, I simply don't feel like going to sleep yet and then I remembered about this blog. Oh, poor neglected blog, you. I am giving paragraphs a chance tonight. Well, one thing that has been on my mind and making me giggle the past few days is this: at my school, in the bathroom, there are metal locks on the stalls. and these locks are manufactured by a company called "Hiny Hiders". there, I said it. Paragraphs are really not my bag, baby. Neither is math, baby. Lately, when Eliott is mad about something and he wants you to know it, one of the things he does is say the word "ever" over and over while steadily raising his voice until, ultimately he is screaming the word "ever". The translation, I believe, is something along the lines of "don't you ever ever EVER do that.", but his way of putting it is so much more entertaining. I am in the middle of a good book called "Island" by Aldous Huxley. Recommend. Well, I recommend the first half of it and once I finish the rest, I'll let you know. I had distance reiki today with my friend Sherry. She saw me rowing a boat on a river, not struggling, but not really enjoying either. That's pretty much how I feel lately, except with some patches of struggling. Quadruple bum bum. Still, I am happy about some stuff. For instance: hiney hiders, obviously Keeler making a successful lemonade stand earlier this week Keeler putting his dirty smiley face underwear on his head and his new underwear around his chest like a bikini top and looking like some crazy-ass old woman cracking up about herself. Later he told me that he was wearing the new underwear over his "pimples". The kid has been referring to nipples as pimples for as long as I can remember...except for a couple of weeks ago when he repeatedly informed me that I, myself, am a nipple. Of course, he may have meant pimple. who knows? doing the crossword puzzle with Ken and Nana slugs Eva saying "they were being mean to me so I shoved them!" pink maryjane crocs Peter Cook videos in the mail having really wonderful friends in my life "that's it! I'm goin' off!" crosstitch. this word looks wrong no matter how I spell it. the most awesome show in the history of shows (Heroes, for those of you not in the know) being back on again. righteous. the sophisticatedly sound of my backward name: Avon Nosnibor Besty, how were the tacos? wink face.