Tuesday, May 22, 2007

untitled #1

My shoes are bright pink and the other day, when I was on a hike, a butterfly who was black and yellow and blue mistook (and landed briefly on) my shoes for flowers. It was cool. The next day was Sunday and in the evening there was a very round and perfect and clear rainbow right next to the house for about 15 minutes. That was cool, too. The boys were running around splashing in the puddles in their bare feet. Eliott is really funny when he puts his thumbs against his forehead and waggles his fingers saying "naneenaneebooboo". I think it's mostly funny because, as usual, he has no idea what he's talking about. also, Krip believes I have magic rainbow abilities. Keeler has been thinking a lot lately about the idea of numbers being infinite. He is extremely unsatisfied with it. Last night when RB and I were tucking him in he got started talking about it again which involved a lot of hand movement on his part and the notion that if we don't decide on an ending number it will cause a lot of confusion. He thought the following would be suitable final numbers: two hundred thousand, eighty-six, and twenty-nine. I think maybe he's right, afterall. Hey, Marth- I know you like the soulful lady-type singers. and today I was listening to Gillian Welch and wondering if you were a fan. Well, are you? I love her even if she is a little heavy on the fundamentalist Christian stuff from time to time. Also, are you qualified to be a singing coach? Besty, tell Marth to checky. Oh yeah, last night on Kids Corner there was an interview with Weird Al and then Kathy O'Connell played her favorite Weird Al song- "Bob". It is sung like Bob Dylan and I am not sure, but I think all the lyrics may be palindromes. which is so cool. I like all these components- Weird Al, Bob Dylan, Kathy O'Connell (I found out last night that she used to play the accordion. Keeler wants to play the accordion, too), accordion playing, and palindromes. I really also like the Weird Al song "Yoda" which is a parody of "Lola". and then today when I was working on the crossword, one of the clues was "Palindrome name" which, of course, was Adam. So, my point is- totally cosmic, man, right? One more thing- Eliott and I have started a bad habit together which is that after we take Keeler to school and are walking back home, Eliott will look up at me and smile and say "chockit cookie". The simple phrase "chockit cookie" is sort of deceiving because what he actually means is "well, I'm pretty cute and I don't see any reason whatsoever why the two of us shouldn't just drive right over to the Starbucks and have a treat...a chocolate chip cookie, for instance. and also, since we'd already be there, why don't you go ahead and get yourself something you really like, say...an iced mocha, maybe." He's just so damn persuasive. enough with the blogging, already.