Wednesday, September 07, 2011

wicked awesomeness

1. Talking to Helen in the rat voice

2. Making friends

3. Upcoming dance party

4. Nick Swardson's farting ghost and cat diarrhea jokes

5. "you can't start a fire worrying about your little world falling apart"

6. Seeing Loretta tomorrow after not seeing her in a long long long time

7. Daniel Pinkwater

8. Working with Rudy when he is in a happy moody

9. Talking in Boston accents all day at work. Everyone was a wicked pissah

10. Having a shitload (or dick hole) of love in my life


1. Fooling around with my new camera and taking a picture of myself in which I am a) scowling and b) my dad 2. Patchouli 3. A day off in the middle of the week 4. Splitting a yummy breakfast and good conversations with Cadi 5. Having permission granted by a New Englandah to use the word "wicked" 6. Talking on the phone with Krip and laughing and realizing, again, that we aren't just laughing at the current hilarity, but all the years of hilarity all added up and feeling wicked lucky 7. Keeler loving Karate and being awesome at it 8. Being invited to do surprising and random activities with surprising and random people (shout out, Pesce) 9. Marth's hand-me-downs which thrill me to death 10. A new word that describes today's rainy weather: dragamuffin

Sunday, September 04, 2011

I took this picture because I love Krip

And lubbers gonna lub. Woot. This day was rad and here are some reasons why: 1. I bought a camera. (and it was on sale! double woot.) 2. I was mad productive this morning. 3. Eliott got a ridiculous and cute little blue elephant from the vending machine and named it Squinky. Which is perfect because only one eye is colored in. 4. The kids got into a huge Squinky-related wrestling match on the floor of ShopRite and I just laughed and laughed. 5. Coconut rice with peanuts, golden raisins and cilantro. Fuck yeah, yo. 6. Salsa all ready to go to Kelley's little ol' shindig tomorrow. In the fridge, flavors marrying. 7. Clean sheets with the top at the bottom and the bottom at the top because I can do what I likes. 8. Awesome realization: I don't have anyone to argue with. Word to your mutha.

list of groovy goodness

1. apple and peanut butter
2. discovering half a bar of "honey I washed the kids", best smelling soap on the planet. (thank you very much, Krip.)
3. Fel turning 7 and loving every minute of his day.
4. kids dancing and twirling glow sticks behind the stage at every concert this summer
5. recognizing expectations and letting them go
6. ridiculous amount of cupcakes
7. house full of boys dancing and singing "dynamite"
8. Eagles
9. Fel wearing the tattoo sleeve on his leg and thinking that grown-ups are "falling for it"
10. Wrestling around with two adorable children, joking with Keeler about Fel's police undies and police lips, pretending to be ghosts that say "boooo....bies"