Thursday, June 07, 2007

more fun with images

This is Keeler's first comic book page. I absolutely adore it. In real life, it is much clearer and the colors are more vibrant, but you can probably see it well enough here to make out that the top two frames and the bottom right are people who are playing outside, in the grass, under the clouds. They are: Keeler himself, then me, and then RB. The other little guy in the bottom left is meant to be a teeny little Eliott who is by himself in the library.
There can't possibly be anything better than kid art.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

reasons this day was awesome

1. huge turtle showing up in the neighbors yard (This is a picture of Stephen with him)
2. figuring out how to add pictures to this here blog
3. my mom's most awesome salsa and lime chips
4. Keeler and all his schoolmates singing "this little light of mine" at their preschool graduation
5. figuring out how to hook up the VCR. I rock.
6. having a nap
7. watching Mr.Rogers
8. hanging out with Krip
9. Discovering that both Krip and Jesse hate the expression "it is what it is"
10. Eliott and Keeler taking turns with baseball
11. new library books
12. my dad and Karen singing a ridiculous "good luck on your first day" song to me on the phone
13. being with Nana
14. knowing that RB will be home any minute