Saturday, February 21, 2009

365 project: lilac bush at night

I am copycatting Krip and Marth and taking a picture a day for the next year. Here is my inaugural photo which is a picture of a branch of the lilac bush in our yard, just starting to get some buds on it, in the middle of the night. This blog is about to get more posting action than it will know what to do with.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

This blog needs some tender love and affection in the form of a favorite things list:
1. white broccoli pizza and orange soda
2. the sentence Keeler made up for his spelling test, "I like the way I live."
3. inter library loans
4. feeling snoozy and snuggly on cloudy days
5. blooming tea
6. the kids' stinky and heavenly breath when they first wake up
7. having the greatest friend in the world and a million trillion jokes between us
8. working on the crossword puzzle with Ken and insulting each other the whole time
9. reading books out loud with RB
10. footage of Vince Papale leaping around in the end zone, on cloud nine. and "who's nuts" shirts
11. a Deaf contestant on the Amazing Race
12. banana walnut chocolate chip muffins
13. Keeler saying "chhhhh...chhhh....we're breaking up" while talking to Marth on the cell phone.
14. Eliott's serious face when he is trying to explain something
15. Eliott's tough and menacing face when we line up to play football
16. Gordon Wiebe's artwork
17. zen koans and great books about them
18. The Band's song "The Weight"
19. snowflakes that magically look like paper snowflakes
20. becoming friends with a really neat lady in town