Monday, August 17, 2009

top ten things about today

1. making and eating egg salad while listening to "Love, Stargirl" on cd (Marth - I was able to take out the book and cd from the library so we can have a mini book club! :))

2. playing poker with the kids

3. unexpectedly passing inspection with friendly inspectors

4. wearing a shirt with watercolor-y birds and flowers and a ric rac skirt

5. going to bed ultra early

7. tall sunflowers with big buds on them in the backyard

8. getting a letter in the mail from a sweet friend

9. hearing the satisfactory conclusion to "Harriet Spies Again" and being in love with these books

10. contemplating my new name: Fireflower, given to me by Keeler and inspired by Super Mario Bothers.


Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous = bestie. Almost forgot.

Love you, fiffle!