Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In our family we...

1. call each other names freely and almost constantly
2. say swear words to make each other laugh
3. never ever close the bathroom door
4. entertain each other by doing a series of odd back and forth dances past the open bathroom door for whoever is sitting on the john
5. draw the most horrible looking things we can think up and then proudly display them all over the dining room wall
6. simply want to eat our high-fat, high-carb diet without being disturbed
7. smell the kids glorious and vile morning breath with glee
8. hang around in the yard wearing underwear or pajamas
9. try to eat three half gallons of ice cream outside in our pjs in the middle of the night so they won't turn into ice cream soup during the black out
10. love a good book on tape
11. move worms out of our way and put them in a worm hotel established by Keeler in the garden
12. talk a lot about poop
13. wrestle around and hug and kiss and zerbert
14. listen to "Bonzo Goes to Bitburg" for months on end at the kids' insistence
15. stand around town with a big sign that says "HONK" and go berzerk when someone does our bidding
16. like to hike and jump around in creeks
17. make a lot of silly props with paper and crayons
18. say "I love you" many times every day
19. have unattractive tantrums
20. say sorry
21. make up ridiculous names for the Eagles like "Kevin corn on the Kolb"
22. stay at a campground every summer
23. like to sing about "Mike Fink, the King of the River"
24. make idle threats
25. play poker

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