Thursday, January 18, 2007

Very Lucky Me

today was a very blah, stay- in -our- pajamas- all -day day. I aimed to take a snooze when Eliott took his snooze, but that didn't end up happening. however, a very wonderful thing happened around lunchtime; my very lovely friend Sherry dropped in and brought me a surprise package. it was wrapped in kelly green felt and tied up with some soft natural looking string. inside was the neatest asl book I have ever seen called "hand jive"-all full of asl slang and swear words and other good stuff. and, it doesn't stop there, folks because my sweet friend also made me a beautiful scarf. do you know the ones that are sort of fluffy and furry looking and they have flecks of different brilliant colors throughout? that type! it is absolutely gorgeous and will go with my grown-up blue coat. Sherry really made my day by surprising me with these really amazing gifties, but even better than that, she is a blessing to me everyday because she is such an amazing person to have in my life. She also happens to be a member of the most attractive family in the world. I love you, Sherry!


Chris said...

Yay for blogging!!

I like reading about your life, because I don't get to see you that often :(

I also have a blog if you care to read about my boring life.


Anonymous said...

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