Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gettin' Busy Living

Hello, blog-readers. I have returned and today, thanks to my cutie little friend Jeanette-y spaghetti, I am ultra amped up on caffeine. I have also been informed that my laughter sounds like this: BAH! Well, this has been a busy week. I have been going all over town mailing packages and postcards, eating a lot of my favorite thing (pop-quiz: what is my favorite thing to eat, people? hint: zach braff and I have this in common), starting school up again and beginning the arduous and blistery path that leads to guitar playing. I am so happy that my step-father nagged me into learning with him and can't wait until we can have our first ever jam session. Yesterday, on the way to Acme (sans kiddos, thank you ever so much, mom) I was loudly listening to Belle and Sebastian and at all the guitar-parts I was getting super excited thinking "I'll be able to do that soon!". I really really really want to play that sort of music-the type all full of bliss and goodness. Last summer we went to a fiddling contest thing at Howell Farm and it was just rainy and hot and fiddly. I remember this one little string band escaping the weather in one of the farm stalls, playing their hearts out; people bouncing and dancing with their kids, really living it up. I get near that sort of a scene and the tears just start streaming. what a weenie I am, but live music, it really kills me. Somebody there had a shirt that read "music self-played is happiness self made". right on, man. So, my class last night. whew -this teacher is no joke and I am so thrilled that we are going to be challenged this semester. did you ever hear that Paul Simon song, called 'Duncan'? there is this one line that goes "I was playing my guitar, lying underneath the stars, just thanking the Lord for my fingers" I was thinking about that this morning- all these things I love: signing, learning the guitar, drawing- I am able to do them because this wonderful body I get to travel around in for this lifetime, it works just fine. Man! I feel so happy to be here. and in other good news, Bubboon and Bubbles have a new album with a song called 'worm collection'. my favorite part: find 'em with a shovel or scooper worms! make great bait for flounder or grouper worms! I can't tell their head from their pooper these guys are silly. Besty, quit winking your old lady eyeball at me.


besty said...


i love you verily.


Jack Robinson said...

You rock my socks honey bun!!