Tuesday, February 24, 2009

365 project: brotherly love

Today's photo decision was the hardest so far. I took a bunch of pictures of the kids after school and a lot of them were cool. I picked this one, finally, because I liked the shadows on their faces and also because I think this shows their personalities the best and that, deep down, they really love each udder.


Anonymous said...

This is a great picture of the boys! :)

nova robinson said...

Lou- Thank you for your nice comments! It's nice to know that someone is out there. I was thinking the other day of telling you about this project and seeing if you'd be into it. I know you have a talent with taking photos (and writing!! - I really loved the pieces you shared the other day)like your dad. I love you!!

Anonymous said...

Love ya too!
I love the idea and totally would do it, but i'm so pressed for time anymore these days.
Now that my surgury is pretty healed I'm trying to find time to work out again. Maybe once I fit that into my schedule, I'll find time to fit this in as well! :)