Thursday, December 04, 2008

Achy-breaky Me

The past few weeks I have been what can only be described as "quadruple bum-bum". Every little task has felt like an insurmountable mountain of inconvenience covered in dog dooky. The bright side to this, I have learned, is that when the heaviness lifts, there often remains a vulnerable, tender feeling like my heart is cracked open and I am touched by the sweet and quirky moments in an ordinary day which I would normally overlook. This is precious gift.
With my normal defenses knocked down, I experience life in a bizarre and mushy way. An open and weepy sore, I feel so much love and sadness that my heart actually aches.
On Wednesday, Eliott's class made octopus masks. When the parents came to pick the kids up, there they were, sitting at their kid-sized tables with kid-sized grins on their faces, hiding behind blue googly-eyed octopus masks. I was completely delighted by this ridiculous scene. And the fact that this incredibly sweet kid with a cowlick and freckly nose was smiling there waiting for me to find him and bring him home tickled me so much that I even cried. I am so grateful for my big ol' achy-breaky heart and for my and ever-so-blessed and beautiful life.

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Anonymous said...

Aww, but this legitimately IS the cutest thing in the entire world. Achy breaky heart or not - THIS wins for cutest thing.

Well, this and Keeler's perfect, heartbreakingly cute toothless grin.

Thanks for creating the cutest people around. That was pretty cool of you.