Thursday, October 16, 2008

creepy kid

Eliott is the second child and the baby of our family and even though he is four years old now, I feel like the two of us have just gotten to really know each other over the past few months since I have been staying home. He is quite insane. I have never seen anyone make more ridiculous and edible faces in my whole life. Basically, I want to gobble his face every minute of the day. Also, he is a very tender little guy who likes to share (I don't know where he learned these behaviors). I even like it when he sees somebody driving by and calls the person a "stupid man" for no reason. I really like to go places with him on the train and to walk around town with the journal, dragging it or beating it against a sign post. I also like to get wemawem cookies with him. Here are a fewof the things I have learned about him in the past months:
1. He loves wemawems
2. He loves football. a lot. especially the Eagles and especially McNabb.
3. He is usually willing to cooperate with other people's ideas provided nobody watches him being cooperative.
4. He is playing football all the time, though you may not know it until he tackles into you really really hard.
5. Eliott is strong.
6. He is only willing to wear sports clothes (including an Eagles football costume which he has started wearing as regular clothes) and feels he must change clothes several times a day depending on what sport he is thinking about.
7. Sometimes he likes it if you sing "we call him little fellow" to the tune of "mellow yellow", but most of the time he'll hit you.
8. He is not a huge fan of water when there is a whole lot of it in one place as in the beach or a swimming pool.
9. He is good at drawing horrible monsters with cavities. 10. He puckers up in a special funny way when we say goodbye at school. 11. He is very nice to snuggle. 12. He is obsessed with the Beatles (Sgt. Pepper specifically) and sings "Rockin' Pepper's lone, hope you gonna join the show" over and over and over.
13. If he has an itchy hinky, chances are his hinky's stinky.
14. Stinky hinky and all, he is very easy to love.

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Anonymous said...

I love that creepy kid. And the other one, who may quite possibly be even creepier.


- Besty