Thursday, January 19, 2006

this post is my super and is my first

this is my super first post. today was a good day around here. we went to the library and got a ton of books, my favorite one so far being "Enemy Pie". I love kids books and would love it if adult books were all fully illustrated. anyway, after the library it was on to our friend Marge's house where the kids created non-stop havoc for a full thirty minutes which was all I could tolerate before announcing it was time to leave. wonderful visit. the coolest part of the day was turning at random to a page in Illusions and landing on "your only obligation in this or any lifetime is to be true to yourself." this was a reassuring sign for me regarding my recent guilt at the thought of putting the kids in daycare and going back to work. I actually think it will be good for us all, but there is always that vague and wormy fear. deep down I know that everything always works out for the best and so I will continue to remind myself. If I intend to write in a blog with any regularity, things better get a lot more interesting around here and fast. Hi Besty!

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